The Ascension of the Lord

fb2ec90d5b7113c09b5499809696b449A group of eleven men huddle together on a hilltop in Galilee.  They have walked the 68 miles from Jerusalem clinging to the hope that what Mary Magdalene told them is true:  Jesus is alive and He will meet them here.  Could this possibly be true?

And when they saw Him, they worshipped Him; but some were doubtful. (Matthew 28:17)*

The writer of Matthew makes it clear that some worshipped and some doubted.  Even though they had been with Jesus for three years, had eaten meals with Him,  had heard Him teach, and had seen Him work many miracles, some could not comprehend that Jesus was alive and with them again.  Right in front of their eyes.

What is Jesus’ response, especially to those who have doubts?

Jesus’ response is to give them, all of them, doubters included, all the power and authority that is in heaven and on earth with the instruction to, “Go and be like me to the world”.    As Jesus promised, the Holy Spirit would soon come to drive away any doubt that remained, transforming the apostles into an amazing force of faith.

We, too, have been promised the gifts of the Holy Spirit.   May we be open to fully receive and use them so that we are able to be like Jesus to all we meet this day.  Rejoice!  I AM is with us, always!


 * New American Standard

 Illustration credit:  Sacred Space