A Joyful Sunday

Gauphoto9dete Sunday was observed at the Monastery of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Lancaster, PA, in an especially joyful way as two members of the Thomas Aquinas Chapter #410, Erin McCole Cupp and Tom DeAngelis, made their Perpetual Promise and Adrienne Suarez made her Temporary Promise.

Father Bernard DuPont  and Master of Ceremonies Tom Walker assisted Chapter President Jocelyn Sherman in officiating the afternoon rite.  The ceremony was attended by family members, Chapter members, and the Sisters.  Following the ceremony, there  was a reception to honor the newly promised in the Monastery Parlor and Dining Room.

We congratulate Adrienne, Erin, and Tom on their advancement and pray that God will continue to bless them in their Dominican vocations!


Tom DeAngelis, Fr. DuPont, Erin Cupp and Adrianna Suarez
Tom DeAngelis, Fr. DuPont (Religious Assistant), Erin McCole Cupp and Adrienne Suarez
Erin Cupp, Arriana Suarez, Joceyln Sherman (Chapter President) and Tom DeAngelis
Erin McCole Cupp, Adrienne Suarez, Joceyln Sherman (Chapter President) and Tom DeAngelis

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