Dominic’s Family Today




Historically, the Dominican Order included:

  • Friars
  • Nuns
  • Laity
  • Apostolic Sisters

From the earliest days of the Order, lay men and women have been an intrinsic part of the Dominican Family, gathered to share the Dominican mission and way of life. In whatever lifestyle they find themselves, married or single, lay Dominicans enrich the Dominican Family with their passion for the Truth, their love of Dominican prayer and apostolic zeal.  So if you have ever wondered if you could be a member of a religious order as a lay person, the answer is, yes you can, as a Dominican!

Today our Dominican family also welcomes some newer members including the Dominican Volunteers and associates of congregations of sisters.  The laity6Dominican family continues to grow to meet the needs of the times in which they live.

Dominicans like to say, “When you have met one Dominican, you have met one Dominican!”  Our diversity is a source of strength that has served us well through the centuries.   It is a unique blessing that, in the almost 800 years of our Order’s existence, there has never been a split in our family.  While we live our vocation in many different settings, we are united in our desire to always seek the Truth in the example set by the Joyful Friar, Dominic.  As we prepare to celebrate the 800th Jubilee in 2016, now is a wonderful time to be Dominican!priests


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